Back Massage


Your Questions, Answered



When I arrive at your home

  • I will arrive wearing a mask for covid reasons. I will take time to go through a massage form to understand how your body is feeling and what you want to achieve from the treatment and your preferred pressure.

What will I bring with me?

  • I will have the massage table and massage oils, along with cosy blankets/towels to keep you warm throughout the treatment. You will need to pick a suitable room in the house that is quiet and has adequate space for the massage table. You can pick your own music or I will have relaxing music with me.


What you can do before the treatment

A warm shower before your massage has many benefits:

  • For the best possible experience it's important to take care of yourself before you receive the treatment. A hot shower "the relaxation effect of a warm shower on both the mind and the muscles will help you be less tense during the treatment, which will benefit you and help you relax.

  • Remove any jewellery 

Speak up

  • It may seem out of place to tell your massage therapist to do "more of this" or "less of that" but that's exactly what I love to hear. 


Getting undressed?

  • Undress to the point of where you feel comfortable. Depending on which part of the body I am massaging, depends on which items of clothing you have to remove.  You will never remove your underwear.  Once you have done this, I will ask you lie face down or face up on the massage table, with blankets to cover yourself up. Before any this happens I will step out of the room to give you privacy. I then will knock the door and ask if you are ready and only then when I enter the room.

  • Depending on the length of the massage you will be asked often be asked to turn over halfway through.  Don't panic- your modesty will be preserved. I am well practiced to ensure you do not fell exposed or uncomfortable.

  • Once the massage is over, I leave the room to allow you time to come round, get off the massage table and get dressed. Again, I will always knock to see if you ready and only enter if you are.

Some clients are more modest than others- I realise this and respect their privacy at all times- not everyone is the same.


Just as you may feel sore after a workout, massage can stimulate areas of your body that you haven't targeted recently.  

  • Drink plenty of water I can't emphasis this enough... before and after your massage. This helps flush toxins or acids that come to the surface during your massage. Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks or alcohol straight after a massage and just focus on drinking plenty of fresh water.

  • Take time to rest and recharge.  If you can build in time to rest after your massage.